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    Jinye Capacitor

    Tel: 0576-86481322 / 0576-86481868
    Fax: 0576-86481321
    Mob: 13705860169
    E-mail: 911429482@qq.com
    Add: Baimu Industrial area Zeguo,Wenling,Zhejiang,China.
    ABOUT US Your current location: HOME > ABOUT US > Company Culture
    Company Culture-Taizhou Jinye Capacitor Co., Ltd
    Taizhou Jinye Capacitor Co., LtdEntrepreneurship: the pursuit of excellence challenges future innovation and self - improvement
    Enterprise Mission: the quality of the first users to keep their promises to create brand-name
    Business philosophy: the quality of survival to science and technology development and services for credibility to manage for efficiency
    User Commitment: Reliable Quality Reasonable Price Excellent Service Innovation Everything For Customer Satisfaction
    Quality policy: leading technology quality excellence excellence customer satisfaction
    Management philosophy: people - oriented realistic and innovative words when the words of iron
    Corporate image: vigor and vigorous up unity forge ahead honest and trustworthy
    Personnel standards: merit is the only way to pay attention to talent
    Enterprise development guidelines: enterprises bigger and bigger product excellence to create first-class enterprises to lead the pump industry coquettish