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    Jinye Capacitor

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    Supercapacitor has become a hotspot in new energy devices

    發布時間:2017-02-27 14:35:54
    In recent years, supercapacitors have become a hotspot in new energy devices. As an ideal new energy device, the supercapacitor's specific power and specific energy range between conventional capacitors and rechargeable batteries, in many applications to make up for the conventional energy storage devices unilateral defects.
    Supercapacitor has become a hotspot in new energy devices
    In addition, the super capacitor also has a small internal resistance, charge and discharge efficiency, long cycle life, low temperature performance, pollution-free and other unique advantages. These advantages make the supercapacitor very suitable for short-term high-power output applications.
    The pursuit of stable operation, reliable power supply system in recent years also introduced a super capacitor as a new energy storage equipment, so that the power system voltage fluctuations, short-term power supply interruption, such as rapid charge and discharge, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the system Sex. At present, the application of super capacitors in the power system was set off a boom, practical super capacitor charge and discharge control is not yet mature.
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