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    Jinye Capacitor

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    What is the role of the capacitor?

    發布時間:2017-02-27 14:36:55
    The power capacitor is a reactive power compensation device. Power system load and power supply equipment such as motors, transformers, transformers, etc., in addition to consumption of active power, but also "absorb" reactive power. If these reactive power supply by the generator, will affect its active output, not only not economical, but also cause poor voltage quality, affecting the user to use.
        Capacitor can "generate" reactive power (AC current) under AC voltage. If the capacitor is connected to a load (such as a motor) or a power supply (such as a transformer), the load or power supply is "absorbed" Reactive power, just by the capacitor "issued" reactive power supply, which is parallel compensation. Parallel compensation reduces the line energy loss, can improve the voltage quality, improve the power factor, improve the system power supply capacity.
        If the capacitor in series on the line, compensation line reactance, change the line parameters, which is series compensation. Series compensation can reduce the line voltage loss, improve the line terminal voltage level, reduce power loss and power loss, improve transmission capacity.
        Power capacitors include phase-shifting capacitors, electrothermal capacitors, voltage capacitors, coupling capacitors, pulse capacitors and so on. Phase-shifting capacitor is mainly used to compensate for reactive power to improve the system power factor; electric capacitor is mainly used to improve the power factor of the intermediate frequency power system; pressure capacitors are generally parallel to the circuit breaker in the fracture on the pressure; Mainly used for power transmission line communication, measurement, control, protection; pulse capacitor is mainly used for pulse circuit and DC high voltage rectifier filter.
        With the development of the national economy, increasing load, power supply capacity expansion, reactive power compensation work must follow up. With the capacitor as a reactive power compensation, the investment is small, the loss is small, easy to disperse the installation, use wider. Of course, due to the stability of the system requirements, must be equipped with a certain proportion of the camera.

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